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We are a tele-health practice that provides mental health counseling and clinical resources to individuals, couples, and families of color throughout New Jersey and New York.


Utilizing a strength, integrative, culturally sensitive and Christian- faith based approach we aim to help individuals redefine their experiences with pain, trauma, and relationships while gaining clarity for setting and achieving goals.

we value

integrity             compassion       authenticity     collaboration




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ceo & founder

Janelle is the therapist, coach and consultant you want in your back pocket. Over the past few years, she has specialized in helping professional women of color and couples redefine their life experiences of pain, loss and uncomfortability.  As a result, her expertise helps these resilient women and couples heal, gain clarity, and implement strategies to achieve their life goals.  Overall, Janelle’s success is measured by the impact she has made with clients in both the private and nonprofit sector.


Since 2014, Janelle has provided individual, family,  group counseling, and coaching services to teens, adults, families and couples. She has served in various settings such: VNSNY Hospice Bereavement , Pathways to Graduation: Re-Entry juvenile population, NY Court mandated youth and families for Alternative to Incarceration, NYC Foster care youth, outpatient Clinics and numerous private practices.


Ultimately, Janelle seeks to transform clients' pain into power and help the voiceless find their voice. Like many of the clients Janelle serves she has also been in their shoes and understands the hardship of finding a therapist and nerves that comes with the process.  Daily, Janelle provides a safe, relatable, challenging and empowering  atmosphere where clients turn some of their hardest moments into strength, grit and purpose.

Ages: College Students, Adults

Modality: Individuals and Couples

Treatment Orientation:

Individual, Pre- Marital Or Couples Counseling

Specialties: Grief and Loss, Stress Management, Trauma, Life Transitions and Couples 

License: LMHC(NY): 010976  LPC(NJ):37PC00795000


our team

Our growing team of counselors and clinicians are both highly trained and compassionate people who are deeply committed to your well-being. We've taken time to curate and maintain a safe and inclusive space for you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and goals. 


Whether you're seeking assistance with work-related stress, grief, trauma, your career, relationship transitions, or managing emotional and mental health concerns, our therapists are equipped to guide you on your journey.

 Janelle Thompson, LMHC,LPC,NCC,ACS

CEO & Clinical Director

New York & New Jersey 

Currently not accepting new clients.

ZuShanna Turner, MHC-LP

 Associate Therapist


 New York

Currently not accepting new clients.

Karizzma Hamilton

Clinical Graduate Associate Intern


New York & New Jersey 

 Dr. LaShaun Daniels-Edney, LCSW, PH.D.

Senior Therapist &  Clinical Supervisor


New Jersey


Carlene Charlamagne, MBA, LAMFT

Assoicate Marriage & Family Therapist 

New Jersey

Larissa Harris

Office Manager


Sydney Burney, LMFT


Lead Marriage & Family Therapist

New York & New Jersey 


Shyian Biggs

Clinical Graduate Associate Intern


New York & New Jersey 


Ayana Spears 

Communtity Manager

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What Our Clients Say

"My initial introduction to therapy wasn't great and I wasn't sure that I would find that right fit.

Simply Redefining literally redefined my previous experiences. I found a therapist who not only gives you practical and clinical advice but who also prays with you and gives you faith-led tools to keep you focused while growing. That's a win for me. 


As someone who is grieving, in the midst of transition, caring for others and running a business,

I needed help navigating it all...and that's just what I got. "


SR provides  therapy and coaching for professionals + entrepreneurs of color that cultivates positive mental health, career and life success.

how do we do it?

Jesus + Therapy 

No really, we use a christian faith-based approach along with relevant practical methods to redirect focus, goals, and language. Beginning with a spotlight on your strengths, we use them to  uncover areas of challenge. With this new information we can then apply integrative tools that reach and fortify each area of your life.


ask yourself...

how        do you want to be?



right fit

You will have a 15 minute consultation call where we will briefly explore some of your concerns and ensure you are matched with a therapist that can help you. That we are good for you and you are a good fit for us.

express your worries

Through your intake paperwork and first 2 sessions we will explore the challenges or problem(s) that brings you to therapy and any relevant background information that will be helpful in your treatment process. We can only help with what we know, so we ask for Honesty in these sessions to best support you.

decide your goals

Collaboratively you and your therapist will decide on 2-3 goals to focus on as you attend weekly or bi weekly sessions.

establish language 

Thru this process you will gain language to express yourself and describe past experiences that have impacted your Life

find connection 

As you build rapport and open up to your therapist, your therapist will help you identify themes, patterns and behaviors that connect with your function and impairment. 

integrate/implement tools in multiple areas

Your therapist will also help you build a toolkit with various techniques and resources that produce positive coping skills to support you during challenging moments. 

navigate relationships and setbacks

As you fine tune the tools that work for you, you will be encouraged to use them in new environments with the people closest to you. Doing so might mean that you’ll revert back to your old mindset. This is okay, it's normal. The difference this time is that you have support, we are here to guide you.

embrace the new you

Now it's time for you to embrace all the hard work you have put in. Problems may arise but by using your new tools and language you'll be able to bounce back and stay grounded. This is where you get to spread your wings. And whenever you need a tune up we’ll be here to guide you.

R.E.D.E.F.I.N.E. is an innovative and transformative 8-step framework designed to support you on your journey towards personal growth, healing, and overall well-being. Each step is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive and empowering approach to therapy, ensuring that you receive the guidance and tools you need to create positive and lasting change in your life.



are you ready for change?

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